Vanessa Snyder

The subjects of my work are as varied as the things that intrigue me. Science calls my name, and I am drawn to historical imagery.  I pivot from subject to subject the same way I listen to music:  Jens Lekman on repeat, Dvorak, Andrew Bird, Einaudi, Jeremy Dutcher and an occasional nostalgic sneak back to Joni Mitchell or Pat Metheny.

Each time I learn more about a specific art movement from the past I think, “that’s me!” until the next one… when I think, “I’d like to try that next!”  There are a few exceptions.  No mixing of politics and art, because I appreciate the beauty of nature and humanity, including all the perils and unflattering sides they include.

From past careers, I still love interpretation; looking at one thing and translating, condensing, or expanding it into another medium. Analogy never disappoints. My aesthetic sensibilities to color are always front and center, so painting is my favorite medium, but language will always be a delicious distraction as well. Titles are either clues, or synopses of the work.

Global landscapes, botany and zoology, microscopic explorations, and invisible subjects all contain the magic I believe is necessary to make art… omitting deities, master controllers and superstition from the process entirely.

So large a universe, so little time!

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