Chelita Freeman

Chelita’s Art Studio

223 Mills Road , Franklin, Ga. 30217



Chelita started painting in the early 1970’s and is a certified teacher of Tole & Decorative Painting.  She is also certified to teach Wet on Wet Landscape Techniques.

In her Tole & Decorative Painting classes, she instructs how to paint

  • Flowers and Fruits and Vegetables
  • Background Techniques such as Stain, Seal, Pickling
  • Graduated Backgrounds from dark to light
  • Leaves in full detail

Chelita teaches Basic Brush Strokes with both the round and flat brush as well as Double-Loading techniques and Dry Brush Blending.  She emphasizes proper paint consistency in her methods


In her Wet on Wet Landscape classes she instructs students how to use painting in oils on canvas, also known as quick landscaping in oils, you will see things a lot different. Colors will look bright and more vivid than before. She teaches how to paint, mountains, trees, water, skies, meadows, rocks, logs, barns, fences, oceans, waves, sunsets, sunrises.

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