Beth Ann St George

About Beth Ann St George

 Beth Ann works with her hands. Every stitch is true, and imperfect yet wonderful!

Beth Ann is a Folk Artist; she carries on the Old Tradition.  Her quilts are beautiful. They are functional. They lift the Spirit. Ask her what she does, and you will hear words like “no predetermination” or “ Spiritual”, or perhaps, “Self expression”.

Yes, this may describe her work well, however the best way to learn what she does is to see her quilts all one of a kind or better yet feel her quilts. 

We discover the difference between her art, and that of others who use a sewing machine, pre-shrink the fabric all for perfection.

Beth Ann creates imperfection. Not perfect but complete. Completely true. Completely lovable. Completely wonderful!

And one more thing Beth Ann is a Good Spirit, and her Spiritual Aura is a welcome thing in this day in this age.

Come now, and see the quilts see the wonder!

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105 Bellaire Ln, Newnan, GA 30265

[email protected]

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