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November 2018 Featured Artist Spotlight – Natalie Schorr

Natalie Schorr is a recent transplant to Fayetteville, GA, having most recently lived in rural North Carolina. She holds a BFA in Costume Design from the University of North Carolina Greensboro, and an MFA in Scene Design from Carnegie Mellon University. Natalie spent 12 years working as an art director and set designer in motion pictures and television before leaving the business to raise her children. While her children were young, she drew and painted constantly, her work showing in local, national and international…

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September 2018 Featured Artist – Suzanne Kleese-Stamps

Suzanne studied Studio Art and Art History and received her BA in Fine Arts from Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA. During this time, she turned her attention from painting and drawing to find a passion for 3-dimensional art and expression. She took her first ceramics studyprogram under potter andprofessor Stephen Forbes DeSole and was hooked. Suzanne says, “I learned all aspects of the art from hand-building to sculpting, but found my groove in throwing pottery on the wheel.” After college, Suzanne continued studying all aspects of ceramic studio…

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Summer 2018 – Featured Artist Highlight Ellie Farrington

As a child in Maine, Ellie was greatly influenced by the visiting Art Teacher at the one room school she attended and wanted to be able to create “real” paintings when she was older, but that was a long time in coming. Her artistic expression was limited to decorating her home and sewing clothing for the family and others, while at home caring for the family of five children. When the youngest was in high school, Ellie took a position…

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February 2018 Highlight: Tina Persons

Tina grew up in Hawaii and spent summers in Colorado. She currently resides in downtown Newnan. Her art medium is acrylics, and she paints both realism and folk art. “My Mother is a wonderful artist,” Tina says, “so I grew up with a love of arts and crafts of all kinds. As a child, weekends were spent making candles, pottery, and also painting, and drawing.” In 12th grade, Tina had a marvelous teacher, Mrs. King, who influenced her love of art even more. In college, she took every art class she could, including painting, pottery, and…

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January 2018 Highlight: Shakeyla Shinholster

  Shakeyla Shinholster is an artist and aspiring writer who lives in Peachtree City, GA. In her books, she teaches children that it’s okay to be different because everyone is unique in their own way. Shakeyla was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC). It affects her mobility, and she cannot use her hands, arms, and legs, but she doesn’t let that stop her from living her life to the fullest. She began expressing herself through art. Her talents include writing, drawing, and painting. She also sings. In place of her hands,…

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November Artists Spotlight – Gobi Photography

ROGER & CHARLENE SIBAJA They are as similar as they are different.  Although they have been married for decades, and both retired from the military with IT backgrounds and have two masters each in the same fields, they have different approaches to creating art. It’s like yin and yang; they complement each other and combine their talents to create something quite unique. Roger grew up drawing and painting, and continued to create art throughout high school. Before leaving for…

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April 2017 Highlight: Rae Duncan

               Email Cell: (951) 312-9044 Instagram: Rae Duncan is an artist who works primarily in the medium of paper. Early in her career, she exhibited her illustrative artwork in gallery art shows throughout Southern California. Today she specializes solely in handmade designs fashioned from paper (archival, recycled, specialty, cardboard, etc.). “I truly enjoy the artistic experience of creating something beautiful from nothing more than a few pieces of paper and my imagination,” she said. “Nature…

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March 2017 Highlight: Bette Hickman

Art Education is beauty, imagination, and emotion — and our “Miss Bette” is all of these things and more! Bette Hickman is a professional artist, art teacher and entrepreneur. She studied art at Florida International University and is a fourth generation Floridian. She currently serves as the executive director of a nonprofit international education program, Global Achievers, Inc., that began in 1994. This program developed out of her work as the liaison between business and education during her employment in…

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2017 February Highlight: Fran Hanson

Fran Hanson is a paper artist and proprietor of “Fran’s Fun Flowers”.  She has always had a passion for crafts and flowers, and worked in a florists in the UK before moving to the USA with her family in 2004. Her daughter ‘convinced’ her to make hand-made bouquets and all the floral and table decor for her wedding in 2013, and it was was a huge success! This led her to launch her shop and dedicate her time to her craft. Fran creates a…

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