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Seth Fitts Workshop

   Seth Fitts held a mixed media workshop on Feburary 28. Attendees learned the secrets to his charming paintings.

Transportation Project February Update: The Fiberglass is Here!


Photos provided by Babara Omerod and Tiffany Thomas.

January Artist Highlight: Marc Stewart

   Marc Stewart is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, currently residing in Newnan, Georgia. He has always had a love of flying and a love of aircraft (WWII aircraft in particular). As a teenager he earned his private pilotís license.

   Throughout college, many of his art shows were of an aviation themeówith the exception of a collection of nudes he painted only to have them stolen, an unfortunate compliment of his early talent. Marc believes his early flying experience influenced his college art projects. His military flying days and aviation maintenance experience further served to enhance his attention to detail in his later aviation artwork.

   Marc is an Artist Fellow member of the American Society of Aviation Artists (ASAA) and holds a B.A. in Fine Art. From illustrating features in internationally published history magazines and books to private commissions for clients such as aircraft engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney, Marc continues to expand his horizons in historical, military, Civil War, and maritime art.

November Artist Highlight: Nikki Boone

   “Art should be a symbol of praise to God, whether it is drawn, painted, digitally mastered, assembled, or sculpted. When I look at art I am drawn to the subjects that bring glory to God and his creation. As displayed in my show, His creation of children and the beach have always been my joy and passion.

   Over the years, I have obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in visual arts with a concentration in commercial art. I work with any type of medium - Watercolor, Oil, Gauche, Acrylic, Pastel, Charcoal, Graphite (pencil), graphic design, and photography. I have learned to be flexible within every aspect of the art field.

     When set in a different location in life you must paint what’s around you. If you are an artist never put down your master medium and always learn from other artist. Together we can paint the future!”

October Artist Highlight: James Weisbecker

   James gave very informative demonstration on computer generated art and the programs used to create them. He explained the process by which he was given concept art and created 3D digital images for gaming programs.

September Artist Highlight: Seth Fitts

   Seth Fitts gave a very interesting presentation at our September meeting utilizing mixed media. Seth demonstrated the use of found materials such as wood and books to create beautiful pieces as well as the process of layering acrylics to achieve variations in background colors. His use of tape to extract words and phrases from printed materials was very inspirational.