2016 October Highlight: David Boyd Jr.

From an early age, David was encouraged by his parents to create. There was never a shortage of art materials at the Boyd household. Even the walls of his childhood bedroom were left unfinished so that he could draw at will. He was influenced by his father; the elder David Boyd is a renowned illustrator and character who draws for Jeff Foxworthy and Mark Morgan, Inc. Luckily, young David was also heavily influenced by his mother, Rosalyn Boyd, the “quintessential southern belle”, beloved Heritage school teacher, and in- structor to thousands with a penchant for dance and music. These facts, coupled with early indication that the young David had little, if any, math or organizational skills,
pointed him towards a life of crime or a career in the visual arts. After early dreams of becoming a hired assassin or race car driver diminished, David Boyd, Jr. chose the latter of the two.

After moving to Savannah for college, David began studying
architecture, then graphic design, and finally art history and illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design. He graduated with a BFA in Illustration in 1995. David painted his first painting during this time, focusing on the moonlight through the live oaks of Savannah’s Washington Avenue.
David considers himself an obsessed experimenter. Recently, he has been focusing on studio and plein air oil paintings of the urban and rural landscape. David has studied under Millie Gosch, Gene Costanza, Jill Steenhuis, Roger Dale Brown, Marc Chatov, Scott Christensen, Greg LaRock, Sherrie McGraw, Ken DeWaard, Marc Hanson, and James Richards. David is a member of many artist organizations and has won awards at plein air events in Georgia. His work can be seen at Galleries in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. David’s work can also be seen at his studio by appointment.

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2016 September Highlight: Tiffany Thomas

tiffanythomas   I draw my inspiration predominately from nature, as you will see with my abstracted treescapes and traditional plein air paintings. My use of bold colors, and sense of visual movement ties my body of work together. Whether I am painting from nature, cars, or animals, the simple yet complex act of painting is my true motivation.

    I primarily work in Acrylic paints, but I have rediscovered a love for thick oil paints, drips, and textures. I like to go between the two mediums depending on which will lend itself best to the painting. My work is ever evolving into something that is completely me.

    The purpose of every painting I finish is to effect you in a positive, and joyful way; to make your heart a little lighter so you can find peace in your day.


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Call to Artists! 48th Annual Christmas Arts & Crafts Market

NCAA invites you to participate in the 48th Annual Christmas Arts & Crafts Market at Coweta County Fairgrounds.  We will once again be hosting this event in the Golden Creek Room (Exhibit Hall) and are excited at the prospect of having you amongst the Exhibitors.  Click on the links shown below for important dates, booth fees, rules governing the event, exhibitor spaces and floor plan, and the application.  It may seem too early to think about Christmas, but don’t delay.  Deadline for entries (must be received by) October 23, 2016.   It’s never too early to think about Christmas!  This is a popular event and takes place early in the Season.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to exhibit/sell your works of art and fine crafts.  Sign up now… first come, first served.  Questions?  Contact:  Cheryl Hipke at 703-895-2046 or cherhipke@hotmail.com

Christmas Postcard (1)


Rules and Regulations


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September 24th Etching Workshop with Sandy Essex

Click for Etching Workshop Info

*Edit September 10th* Workshop cancelled and will be rescheduled at a future date.

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LOST EDGES Martin Pate Show

Fall Art Show… one week from today!  You don’t want to miss this!
LOST EDGES Martin Pate ShowLost Edges
The Newnan-Coweta Art Association and the West Georgia Technical College will host the exhibition “LOST EDGES” – a one man show of Martin Pate’s Art Work.  The show opens on September 8th and runs through October 19th at the WGTC Newnan Campus located at 200 Campus Drive, Newnan, GA 30263.  Martin, who has received numerous awards and is renown for his figurative work, will give a presentation at the campus on September 8th at 7:00 pm.
A Statement by Martin:
“In the last few years, I’ve been exploring paintings and drawings with a softer feel, blurred edges, and more atmosphere.  Inspired partly by the book, “Like Breath on Glass”, by Marc Simpson, I continue to go down this road with some of my gallery work and non-commissioned pieces.  The book looks at paintings around 1900 by Whistler, Innes, Dewing, and others and is sub-titled, “The Art of Painting Softly”.  This show will primarily feature new works that follow in that direction as well as some earlier pieces that have been “re-worked” in a similar manner.”  ~Martin Pate
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Mural Painting Progress Shots

Volunteer artist of all ages help Molly Rose Freeman paint the Alamo mural.




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Mural painting with Molly Rose Freeman

EMS_6020Molly Rose Freeman, Newnan’s Artist in Residence, will be painting the mural on the wall at the Alamo this week. Anyone who would like to participate in the mural painting may stop by to paint on Wednesday the 27th and/or Thursday the 28th. Painting supplies will be provided!EMS_6011

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Labor Day Arts Festival Application

+Labor Day Arts Festival
Courthouse Square, Newnan, GA
Monday, September 5th, 2016

Download the linked form to apply: Labor Day Arts Festival (2)

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2016 May Highlight: Millie Gosch


  Millie Gosch is an avid plein air painter who paints studies from real life and from these studies, she creates her beautiful landscape pieces. An experienced artist, she has worked for over 25 years as a professional artist using oil as her medium and working with a limited palette. Growing up in a small Georgia town, she developed a deep love for the Southland and nature in general. Her favorite subjects are the lowcountry and pastoral scenes. She also paints vibrant still life that gives viewers a new look at the color and shape of the everyday things around them.


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11th Annual Juried Member Art Exhibit


Download the artist application here.

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