Come let me teach you how to paint and learn a technique that you can use forever.

I have been painting since the early 70’s. I paint everyday and enjoy every    minute that I get to paint. My passion is to teach everyone how to paint. Come and join me and let’s paint and have some fun.    I promise you ,that I can teach you how to paint and you will enjoy it and have fun. When you paint you have no worries. Time seems to fly when your having fun.

This course is a little different from the other classes that I teach. It is a little  more in detail and I make sure that you understand the technique, proper paint consistency and how to properly use each brush the correct way. How to       prepare a canvas . I want to teach you everything that I know about painting techniques .

Sign up and let’s paint.

This course is so much fun. There is so much that has not been taught and needs to be explained to students , so they can be a beautiful artist. You will learn a lot, it will help you to produce beautiful  art work to hang in your home.

Learning the Wet on Wet Landscaping Technique.   You will learn how to prepare the canvas properly and how to base in your sky and how to paint clouds.   You will learn to paint Mountains in detail.   You will learn to paint the background trees and bushes and water . You will learn to paint foreground trees and bushes and added highlights and finishing touches.   You will have yourself a master piece. This course is on going and each course there will be a different painting each time and it will be an original .  
Supply List will be given out when you sign up for class. You are responsible for all of your supplies and  canvases If you do not have your supplies   after  the first session, supply fee is $20.00 per class                                                             Chelita’s Art  Class
Harriet Alexander Art House       
  31 Hospital Road                              
Newnan, Ga. 30263
Text or E-mail to reserve your spot.  706-302-4209 (text only)                                         
[email protected]  
Members Fee:  $25.00  per class per week.                                                     
Non-Members Fee: $35.00 per class per week.                                       
Class will be limited to  6 students.
Classes will begin:  Wednesday       October 6, 2021                                     
Time: 10:00  – 2:00
Bring your lunch. We will have a 30 minute break.         First Landscape Project: