Shiloh Art Contest

Sponsored by T. M. Brown
Author of the Shiloh Southern Mystery Series
Sanctuary, A Legacy of Memories (2017)
Testament, An Unexpected Return (2018)
Purgatory, A Progeny’s Quest (2019)

Three finalists will be selected from among the entries presented to Corner Arts Gallery, Newnan, GA by 5:00 p.m. on March 23, 2018 (prior to that evening’s Spring Art Walk).

Three finalists will be selected that evening from all the entries on display and they will be invited to attend the Grand Book Launch for T. M. Brown’s Testament, An Unexpected Return, Thursday, March 29th.

The selected works of art will remain on display at Corner Arts Gallery and photos of the works will appear on T. M. Brown’s Author Web pages so fans of Sanctuary, A Legacy of Memories can cast votes for the one that best symbolizes the fictional community of Shiloh.

Ultimately, the winner’s artwork will receive ongoing recognition during future public and virtual promotions of T. M. Brown’s books.

If requested, any participant may receive a pdf file copy of Sanctuary, A Legacy of
Memories to familiarize themselves with the story’s unique, colorful settings. Just submit
your request by email to  Also, T. M. (Mike) Brown will be available to answer any questions via email as the participating artists formulate their ideas for their representation of Shiloh’s setting.

A sample of images are available on Mike’s Facebook Author Page – @TMBrownAuthor.
There will be three albums under the photos section to choose from:
1. Jessie Masterson Memorial on Town Square
2. Theo & Liddy’s Front Porch
3. Adam’s Feed & Hardware – Old General Store (Checkers & Potbelly Stove)

Participants are free to select the most suitable setting that best suits their artistic
preferences. All three of these scenes are equally important and symbolic of lil’ ol’ Shiloh,
the time-lost, rural South Georgia town in Sanctuary, A Legacy of Memories and
Testament, An Unexpected Return.
All participants agree that if selected as a finalist their artwork and subsequent photo
images will be used for promotional purposes by T. M. Brown. The names and contact
information of each artist will be duly cited in all promotional use. The artwork will remain
the property of the artist who display their art for sale after the event.
T. M. Brown will award the finalists as follows:

First Place – $100.00, ongoing recognition by name wherever the artwork is publicized in
public or on social media, plus a signed copy of both books.

Runners-Up – promotion of their names associated with their artwork, and a signed copy
of both books.
T. M. (Mike) Brown