Tammy Troyer

Exposure to clay came at a very early age to me spending summers with my great aunt in her ceramic studio assisting in pouring molds, cleaning green wear and glazing.  Who would have thought that after 15 years in corporate America I would come back to it as a second career?

After the birth of my daughter, looking for something to fulfill the artist inside me, I began taking pottery lessons at a local studio. There I apprenticed under the instructor who had a Master’s Degree in Ceramic Arts.  Under his guidance, I was able to learn all aspects of clay and running a studio.  When the studio closed, he asked me to assist in the development of the arts program at the YMCA-Ballantyne branch in Charlotte, N.C.

We fostered and taught classes until a transfer brought our family to Newnan, GA.  Shortly after moving, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to teach classes at Artworks on the Square in Fayetteville until the doors closed.  Seeking to be closer to home, I am now instructing at the Coweta County Parks and Recreation Department at the Harriet Alexander Arts Center.

The wonderful thing about teaching is sharing the knowledge with children and adults that was passed on to me without a formal college education.  With a little instruction anything can be made from clay.  It is the most versatile, in my opinion, form of artistic expression.  My body of work is constantly changing but I find incorporating nature into projects the most satisfying.

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