Renee Merrifield

I’m a local craftier and mom of amazing 9 year old twins. My mom was a big influence in my love of crafting and creating new things.  Her name is Margo Merrifield, a local painter who has an amazing talent. I got a small bit of her creative gene with my crafting talent.  I grew up “making” things all the time with her and my Grandmother, who turned me onto sewing in my teens .
In college I made dresses and purses and sold them on Phish tour. That was an incredible time meeting all kinds of creative people from around the world. I learned a lot from the “lot.” After I had my twins I started to sew again and then creating fun things for the twins. I’ve always made ornaments for the holidays and over the last year and a half I’ve had a blast making them to sell.
My creativity started back up when I was pregnant with them and its only grown as the twins have gotten older. My friends always wanted me to make and/or create “things” for them and was told I should sell my creations. So a little over a year ago I started up a Facebook store called Chic Peach. I specialize in vinyl and paper creations.
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