Mick Brandenberger

As a young boy (age 8) in a new school in Hawaii, Mick was allowed to go to the art room every day to paint. It was there that he became an artist. His images were devoted to the tropical paradise that was his new world. Often his paintings had water themes that included exotic underwater creatures and plant life with the fantasy scenes of mermaids, sunken treasures, and ships. At age 10 he moved to Tampa, Florida, found an oil painting set in the attic, and began to teach himself to paint. Ever since, Mick has continued to create paintings inspired by his youthful fascination with nature.
Mick Brandenberger received a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Masters of Art Education at the University of South Florida. Later, Mick worked on postgraduate work at new York University as a Doctoral Candidate. He has taught every grade level from Kindergarten through post graduate courses while continuing to paint his visionary images.
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