Lori Northeim

Lori Northeim
My art plays with color. Some paintings are small and simple reflecting the cellular structure of a single cell organism. Other paintings are the dynamic collision of pigment. Many of my works reflect the ocean waves.  But really, my works are humbly whatever you see them to be. Nothing complicated, just the joy of color,
My primary medium is acrylic on canvas, wood and board. Those substrates each make a different platform for the paint. The canvas is traditional, with its fabric weave. Wood provides a wonderful even texture. Board is unique in that it has no texture and when finished, it has a glassy look that leaves you wondering what material it really is.
A native of Cleveland, OH, from youth I was drawn to the visual arts. I grew up with paint, pastels, and clay. I took apart clock radios, always had muddy knees and sang out loud. I was that kid. I went to college for Industrial Design and worked successfully as a Product Designer for 15 years. I hold both design and utility patents for my corporate work. 10 years more, a husband, a son and an MBA later my day job is being Marketing Director for a major medical equipment retailer. And now I’ve come back to art. My days are data, meetings and corporate leadership, and my evenings are deep breathes through colors.

I’ve found few problems cannot be solved with a bucket of paint, an X-Acto knife and a glue gun. I paint now to relax, to destress from the day, and express that unspeakable thing inside me that needs a place to be.

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