Dianne Cutler

Title: Reverence: Plaster Casting with Mineral Pigment Wash 18” x 18″ $625.00

Title: The Garden of Friendship: Plaster with Mineral Pigment Wash 18.5 x 23” $1100

ECO printing on fabric

ECO printing on paper

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I grew up in Vermont on the edge of a patch of woods.  As a child I would wander around the fields and forests, picking wildflowers to return home to my mother.  These are some of my most precious memories of my formative years. 


Artist’s Statement
I am a plaster and textile artist with a love affair of nature. I grew up on the
edge of a patch of woods in north Vermont. Some of my fondest memories are of
foraging the landscape, picking wildflowers and berries to bring home to my
mother. It is from these wanderings that I developed my affinity with nature. It
my belief that every living thing carries a vibrational blueprint that includes its
essence and personality, form and function. My hope is that when you look at my
work, you can also see what I see, the essence of the plant and how it speaks to me.
My plaster work is etherial and fragile. It is a suggestion and a hint of
something past. It is the manifestation of a personal conversation that I have with
plants. I use the finest plaster and wash the front with natural mineral pigments
from quarries all around the world. The earth pigments are a conscience choice to
incorporate a natural element into my work. I am a self taught artist on a never
ending journey to express something that is true and of beauty. It is a labor of love and one that I hope speaks to your heart as well.
Please come visit me at my studio by appointment. 480-734-1193
You can view a portfolio of my work at: www.diannecutler.com.
If you would like to see a video of my process you can visit: https://vimeo.com/

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