David Boyd Jr.

From an early age, David was encouraged by his parents to create. There was never a shortage of art materials at the Boyd household. Even the walls of his childhood bedroom were left unfinished so that he could draw at will. He was influenced by his father; the elder David Boyd is a renowned illustrator and character who draws for Jeff Foxworthy and Mark Morgan, Inc. Luckily, young David was also heavily influenced by his mother, Rosalyn Boyd, the “quintessential southern belle”, beloved Heritage school teacher, and instructor to thousands with a penchant for dance and music. These facts, coupled with early indication that the young David had little, if any, math or organizational skills, pointed him towards a life of crime or a career in the visual arts. After early dreams of becoming a hired assassin or race car driver diminished, David Boyd, Jr. chose the latter of the two.

After moving to Savannah for college, David began studying architecture, then graphic design, and finally art history and illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design. He graduated with a BFA in Illustration in 1995. David painted his first painting during this time, focusing on the moonlight through the live oaks of Savannah’s Washington Avenue.
David considers himself an obsessed experimenter. Recently, he has been focusing on studio and plein air oil paintings of the urban and rural landscape. David has studied under Millie Gosch, Gene Costanza, Jill Steenhuis, Roger Dale Brown, Marc Chatov, Scott Christensen, Greg LaRock, Sherrie McGraw, Ken DeWaard, Marc Hanson, and James Richards. David is a member of many artist organizations and has won awards at plein air events in Georgia. His work can be seen at Galleries in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. David’s work can also be seen at his studio by appointment.

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