Getting inspiration and ideas from ancient civilizations, and from traditional artwork from other countries

Marilyn received her
Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio.
Marilyn taught art to children in public, and private schools for more than 20 years. She also taught a few art classes for children at art galleries in Fayette and Clayton Counties, a YMCA, an arts, and crafts supply store, Peachtree City Recreation Center, and from her home. she has taught beginning level painting, and drawing classes to adults at Peachtree City Recreation Center, a YMCA, and as adjunct faculty at a community college.
Her favorite art projects are clay, painting, and paper sculpture. These are the messy art projects that most kids don’t get to do at home. She also likes doing origami because very few art teachers in this country know how to teach it to a large class of children. However, children in Asian countries, and in India learn origami at a very young age. Some of these children have taught Marilyn some origami she didn’t know!
Marilyn likes to teach art history by doing. She has used examples from Native American artists of the Southwest, Japanese art, African art, and art from many other countries and ancient civilizations to inspire children, and teach them techniques that are unfamiliar to them. This works for adults, too!
Marilyn hopes you will enjoy her presentation, and find some inspiration and renewed creativity to use in your own art!