They are as similar as they are different.  Although they have been married for decades, and both retired from the military with IT backgrounds and have two masters each in the same fields, they have different approaches to creating art. It’s like yin and yang; they complement each other and combine their talents to create something quite unique.

Roger grew up drawing and painting, and continued to create art throughout high school. Before leaving for the military, he passed on his knowledge to, and inspired, his younger brother, who is now a prominent artist in the Atlanta art scene and still has Roger’s favorite comics. Roger put aside creative outlets while serving in the military. After leaving the service, he rekindled a creative spark that never went away and found his voice through photography. Having spent much time stationed in southeastern U.S., he has an affection for the south, it’s culture and pastoral landscapes. He enjoys discovering new places, and has literally and figuratively turned getting lost into an art. Although if you asked him, he would say, “I’m never lost, I’m simply exploring”.

Charlene always considered herself a left-brained person, all numbers and logic. Underneath it all was a creative mind that just needed to find a medium to express itself. She applied for a university facility position to instruct web developers and was offered a photo editing course as well.

It was the beginning of a lifelong love. As a Georgia girl, she has a deep love of life in the south. Her respect and fondness for rural landscapes is evident in her photography. Her passion for people is evident in her community activity. She has mentored other young women, and been President of the American Business Women Association (ABWA) and Fine Art and Crafts Entrepreneurs (FAACE), which inspired the creation of the Magnolia Arts Festival in Peachtree City.

“Photography is our life. There are many aspects to creating a final photograph. First, is the idea, then the research, preparation, capturing that vision in the camera, adding other creative elements, such as textures and color grading, and finally printing and framing. We each take a part in creating the final artwork, bringing our unique and very different perspectives to each piece.”