Bailey Hill

Bailey is a representational artist with a twist. She combines realism with abstraction to capture the
essence of her subjects. Her work is an interpretation based on her personal experiences, and emotional responses to nature, a never ending source of inspiration.
She is intrigued, and fascinated by the power, and beauty of nature’s grandeur, and the details, colors, shapes, and textures that inform her images.

Although Bailey has explored many subjects, over the past few years she has concentrated on the wonderland of Yellowstone National Park where she visits almost annually.

Bailey works primarily with acrylic paint, the world’s most versatile, and innovative medium. Using acrylics keeps her artwork fresh, exciting, and meets the challenges she creates when expressing her vision.
Acrylic paint and mediums
enable her to mix media,
combining her love of
painting, drawing, and

Bailey often
incorporates colored pencil,
oil pastels, ink, and assorted
semi-translucent Japanese
papers, and photo transfers.
Bailey loves sharing the
images of her interpretations
of the world around her.
Bailey always knew she was an
artist, and very fortunate that her art teachers nurtured her skills as early as the first grade.

At the urging of her high school art teachers during her junior year, she submitted her portfolio, and essay to West Virginia University.
She was accepted into the WVU Summer Art Institute where she studied painting, and drawing on a full scholarship. After high school, she was accepted into the College of Fine Art at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia.

After college, Bailey moved to
Washington State, and later to
Oregon where she continued her
art education at Oregon College of Art and Craft, the Sitka Center for
Art and Ecology, and numerous
Golden Artist Colors Workshops.
Bailey studied with Marie Watt,
Corrine Lommis Dietz, and Margot
Voorhies Thompson.

Bailey’s work has been exhibited nationally, in both solo, and group shows, juried, and by invitation, and won several awards.
She had two paintings juried into the very prestigious exhibition called, “America’s Parks”, curated by David J. Wagner, LLC. Bailey’s favorite venue for the travelling show was the Lightner Museum in St. Augustine, FL in 2013. Since her recent move to Georgia she joined the NCAA, and serves on the board.
She won Best in Mixed Media at the NCAA Juried Member Art Exhibit XVI 2023, and Honorable Mention in the NCAA- AFO Art Exhibition 2023.

Bailey Hill