Natalie Schorr is a recent transplant to Fayetteville, GA, having most recently lived in rural North Carolina. She holds a BFA in Costume Design from the University of North Carolina Greensboro, and an MFA in Scene Design from Carnegie Mellon University.
Natalie spent 12 years working as an art director and set designer in motion pictures and television before leaving the business to raise her children. While her children were young, she drew and painted constantly, her work showing in local, national and international shows. In 1999, she added printmaking to her skills, experimenting extensively with early photopolymers and other nontoxic methods.
Over the past decade, she has incorporated a lot of recycled materials into her work, although she occasionally still draws on a clean piece of paper. The main themes of her work are portraiture, industrial landscapes, and
iconography, her newest passion. She creates both 2D and 3D pieces and feels that solving design problems
through multiple methods is the equivalent of creativity calisthenics.
Having taken a few years away to care for a sick family member, Natalie is happy to be here now in Georgia, back to doing what she loves.