NCAA member artist Susan Faircloth will be exhibiting her work at the PTC Library thru February 28, 2023. See her beautiful paintings at 201 Willowbend Road, Peachtree City.

Artist Statement:

“Art has been inside my heart all my life and expressing myself was something I always wanted to do.

Growing up on a ranch in west Texas instilled in me my love for the outdoors. Art wasn’t an important part of ranch life growing up, so I kept my talent to myself for most of my youth. In the last few years, I’ve been able to take on the role of artist and pull my talents from within and express what I’ve kept hidden for so long.

I have always been drawn to creating portraits. So, I started with pencils. My only artistic tools at the time. Through the years I shifted to chalk pastels, learning to blend them into the image of a person’s face.

I like the feel and the smoothness of the chalk under my fingers, moving the colors together into an image. I crafted the occasional pastel portrait as I raised my family and worked through a demanding 42-year career in the financial department. Since retiring I’ve taken the allusive opportunity to explore working with oils. My inner self leads me to create my projects in a realistic style using thin layers of paint. I’ve taken a few sessions in oil painting from Art of the Carolinas and hope to take what I’ve learned, along with these new tools to continue to expand my skills for future oil portraits and landscapes from my own photographs.”