Mick Brandenberger is currently having an art exhibition at the Peachtree City Library continuing  through Friday June 29th with a reception on  Saturday May 19 at 6:00PM.  Shown are fifteen paintings including some of his large ones.  Also exhibited is a new dramatic  technological advancement of a 3D reproduction of one of his paintings, “Hogback Trail”.  This technology  is known as Glasses-Free 3D Illuminated Art.  it’s like experiencing a 3D TV movie but without the glasses.  The original painting “Hogback Trail  is also being exhibited as  natural pairing with his curvilinear perspective. A must see!

Two Art Exhibits featured at Peachtree City Library:
Mick Brandenberger, The Painter of Curved Space, plus “The Bloomsbury Lane Farm Show”

 Mick Brandenberger’s visionary images combine his real-world travels with travels in his imagination.  He recreates elements from disparate locales into cohesive, yet mind-bending places, as he says, “These imaginary worlds are intuitive creations rooted in my experiences of exotic places, as well as my everyday environment.”  Part of that “mind-bending” is his application of a curvilinear perspective that seeks to explore the spatial and temporal aspects of painting.

 Over 25 artists and photographers participated in two different creative weekends this spring at Bloomsbury Lane Farm, a private cut flower farm in Brooks, GA.  Nearly half of those who attended the creative sessions provided their photographs and artwork for display as part of the two-month long featured display at the library. The creative sessions were a result of a collaboration between Peachtree City Library’s Arts Initiative and Bloomsbury Lane Farm.

Peachtree City Library’s Arts Initiative will celebrate their featured artists and photographers at a reception on Saturday, May 19, as an after-hours event beginning at 6:00 p.m.  The event is free and open to the public.  The two exhibits will be on display through the end of June.  For more information, contact Rebecca Watts, Arts Initiative Coordinator, Peachtree City Library, at 770-631-2520 or via email: rwatts@peachtree-city.org.