Silvia Garcia-Carreras Feenaghty, a native of the island of Cuba, has lived in Georgia since 1961 and in Peachtree City since 1969. She started painting as a teenager, with training in Ottawa, Canada, and later in her native Cuba while acquiring a Home Economics degree with a Minor in Arts. She has attended classes in the past with many local and national artists but had set aside her brushes for a period of at least 20 years while her children were growing and later on while working in her husband’s accounting firm.

Silvia took up her art again after retirement, and refined her craft under the guidance of well-known, accomplished, and award winning artists: the late Tom Powers in Newnan, GA; Pam Hardin in Tyrone, GA; the late Helen Hayes in Newnan, GA; and Marlin Adams in Barnesville, GA. After having con- centrated her efforts as an Oil painter, Silvia is now experi- menting with Oil Pastels. Many of Silvia’s paintings grace the homes of art patrons throughout the USA, Europe, Mexico and South America.

“I love to paint, and my inspiration is the world at large, God’s creation. In my travels, I take photos, and they become the basis of my paintings.”