Beginning on March 13th, Tina Persons will be teaching a class on how to make a family tree.  The finished tree will be 22″ x 28″ and ready to be framed.  Fine Lines in Newnan will custom make frames.  Michaels (The Arts & Crafts Store) will also frame.
Tina will supply instruction as well as all supplies (except frame).
The class is $20 and lasts one hour (finish at home).  Class times are from 2-3 pm and again from 6-8 pm and are contingent upon having a minimum of 3 students.
Tina will also custom make trees for $40/each.  The leaves, of course, will be blank and ready to fill in.
To sign up for classes or to order a custom tree, call Jenny Jones, Corner Arts Gallery & Studio, at 678-633-5705.  Corner Arts is located on the square across from the Court House at 30 South Court Square.
You can also contact Jenny at