Michael Sebacher

Michael is a dedicated artist based in Sharpsburg, Georgia. Metals seem to be an element in almost everything he does. Steel has an intransigent quality and a historical presence he’s drawn to.  He’s deeply interested in learning, teaching, and proto-art . He feels a bond with those who first fused iron with carbon using heat, sweat, and tenacity. He finds beauty in function, ancient design, meticulous craftsmanship, mathematical influences, and permanence. He’s maintained a working steel art studio for 16 years.  He was heavily involved with the Savannah historic districts’ architectural ironwork restoration efforts and has work in Bonaventure Cemetery. He was featured in a 2006 episode of  HGTV’s ‘Modern Masters’ program highlighting his steel headboards.

Michael was born in Roseville, California and raised in a military family. He’s lived in several US states as well as Izmir, Turkey, and Rotterdam, Netherlands. His background is in education and engineering and includes a history with the US Navy submarine service, Ford Motor Company engineering, and Gulfstream Aerospace professional development.  In addition, he’s also been a sailboat Captain, a truck driver, a lumber-yard laborer, a scuba instructor and a fishing boat deckhand. He lives in a space of his own design and construction on the second story of a horse barn.  He works in his studio near Sharpsburg, Georgia.


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