Martha Anne Duenckel

instagram:  @artbymad



Martha Anne Duenckel, also known as ArtByMAD, creates work centered around nature, feminine figures, animals, insects and sometimes satire.  With passionate interest for rural living, animals, culture and the human experience it only makes sense that her subjects in art making are related to these themes.

Martha Anne received a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Georgia State University and has been exploring various artforms ever since. She draws, paints, silver solders, writes and practices photography. Her growing list of interests also include welding, farming and horses. The importance of nature is obvious in her work. Her drawings of insects are large, bold, detailed and show a tremendous amount of time spent studying small creatures. These microcosms may be small but their roles are huge. Martha Anne makes art about what she knows. She knows and understands the power of feminine energy, movement, fashion and living. Bold but non-intrusive line making is her style. Manipulating charcoal on paper is her favorite art form.  The smearing on the plane of a wing against the linear and veiny costal margin of the wing is so complimentary.


The geometric shapes found when viewing an insect up close make drawing the insects large scale exciting for the artist. Satirical drawings of animals doing anthropomorphic activities brings humor into her art making. One of her great joys is humor. “When an elderly person suffering from Leukemia and a youth in perfect health can both find humor in my artwork, I know I’m reaching the part of humanity that I want to reach. Laughing is important.” These satirical animals are drawn realistically with tiny charcoal hairs giving them a soft appearance with real form.


Her choice in painting is primarily mixed media. Her mixed medias consist of her own photographs being blown up and cut out with a blade, adhered to canvas, and then painted over. These mixed medias are usually themed with nature and depict passages through life.

Silver soldering is her newest art form. She started wire wrapping during her Peace Corps service in 2011 and it developed into an acetylene torch with time. She is moved by culture in history. She loves movies and television series about historical time periods. She loves costuming. This is the focus of her jewelry making. Often her pieces are inspired by early 20th century culture and Victorian themes. She also finds inspiration in modern art and design.

Martha Anne created her logo when she was a little girl, drawing it on school papers. She didn’t realize that she was branding herself and her artmaking at the time. She’s been drawing similar subjects her whole life and her fascination to study these subjects never wanes, only grows to include larger concepts of interconnected relationships.





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