Chelle Parent






Chelle Parent is an Atlanta First Responder serving her community and is as a local photographer.  Her inspiration comes from real life experiences, locations, people, and places that she has seen in her life.  As a resident of Peachtree City, “The Bubble” is often a local source of inspiration for her many of her images as well.  She also frequently enjoys traveling, and photographing her journeys along the way.


What started out as a hobby in her youth, photography for Chelle has become a passion.  While the technology has changed over the years, her passion for photography has continued to grow.  She likes to show a view of her subjects in a different perspective that may not have been considered before.  This makes for amazing art craftsmanship in her photography.

Her work has been featured in several online publications and websites such as, Centennial Olympic Park Committee, Discover ATL, Atlanta Downtown Improvement District, Peachtree City, Police Department, Voyage ATL, Fire Island, and the list grows daily.  She has been selling her images in the form of prints of various sizes, greeting cards, and postcards.

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